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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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water problems in the east bay overnight. homeowners are now waiting to get a clear picture of the problem. it happened again. another huge aftershock rocks japan exactly a month after that quake and tsunami disaster. "mornings on 2" begins right
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now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. is monday, april 11th. security measures normally seen taken during a ballgame will happen tonight. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: the game does not start until tonight but we already saw security monitoring delivery dropoffs earlier this morning. take a look at this. this was just about 45 minutes ago. san francisco police would not say how many police they would commit to dodgers' games but the pb of ballpark operations estimated last week, the security force would be 30% to 40% larger than a normal game.
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today's 7:15 game against the los angeles dodgers is the first since the attack on brian stow last week. stow, a san jose paramedic, remains in a medically induced coma. donations for his medical bills will be will -- will be donated. police told us on friday, a craigslist posting indicating someone wanting to repeat that incident similar to the one in l.a. has been removed from the site. we called san francisco police. police said they will increasing security inside and outside of the ballpark today. now, fans attending those who might be worried about any trouble inside or out outside of the park, do have a text number -- or outside of the park do have a text number to use in case there's problems. we'll have more from the san
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francisco police department at the top of the hour. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. well, the dodgers are in san francisco for tonight's game. the l.a. team is holding their own fund- raiser in los angeles to help stow. they are asking people to drive to dodger stadium today to donate cash and checks to the trust fund established by stow's family. another fund-raiser for store is happening tonight at the el palamar restaurant. that will be from 7:00 until 11:00 tonight. 7:03. overnight in berkeley, 30 homes lost water service after a water main broke. now, east bay m.u.d. says a 6-inch water pipe burst about 2:00 this morning on shaddock near los angeles avenue. residents tell us they woke up after hearing the gushing sound -- look at all of that water -- it took about an hour to shut
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off the water. homeowners have been waiting for the sun to come out to see the damage. service should be restored several hours from now. police in concord are investigating a deadly stabbing outside of a fast-food restaurant. crime scene still surroundings a burger king near clayton last night, hours after the attack. it happened about 4:30 yesterday. that's when police found the unidentified 19-year-old stabbing victim. he died later at the hospital. a suspect is now in custody. japan was hit with a 6.6 magnitude aftershock today one month after the 9.0 quake followed by a deadly tsunami. this is new video of the aftershock this morning. a tsunami warning was issued for today's aftershock in japan but then caned. cans -- but then cancelled. the 6.6 quake hit in the same
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area that's seen hundreds of aftershocks since the massive one on march 11th. japan's government is expanding the evacuation area around the damaged nuclear plant that's been leaking radiation. people living within 12 miles of the plant already have been ordered to leave because of concerns about radiation. now the government is urging residents of four more communities, some more than 20 miles from the plant to leave within a month after high levels of radiation were detected there. meantime thousands of workers continued digging through the debris left by the tsunami. coming up at 7:30, one thing the search crews keep finding is money. where it's coming from and wait until you hear what they are doing with it. >> very interesting. right now, hundred of people are lining up at a free health care event. kraig debro is live out there with more on how this is being offered and how the coliseum is
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contributing to the efforts. >> reporter: good morning. right now, people are being seen by dentists. they will go in and get an x- ray, sort of a triage. one of the organizers of the event wanted to originally charge $25 a day but after seeing what the remote area was about, the coliseum rented this out for a quarter of the original asking price. >> we have assistant -- we have assistance. >> reporter: that was about 30 minutes ago. the volunteers were getting their orders. volunteers are spending their own money to get here to pay for hotels. r.a.m. medical is in the middle of a four-day clinic, medical dental
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clinic at the oakland coliseum. it says hundred of thousands of people will be here today and their needs are being met. >> i think that you do see -- yes, i've seen people from talking to them, yeah lost interest jobs. they don't have any insurance at all. if they do, they've been able to afford medical but not dental. >> i haven't been to the dentist in 15 years. i have no idea what i need. >> reporter: r.a.m. expects to see a thousand people today. a young lady -- nobody wants to go to dentist but they have to. many people drove here, got in the coliseum parking lot at midnight and then got a number at 3:30 and then waited a few hours to be triaged. it's vision, medical, dental,
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everything that people need but can't afford. back to you. affording bridge laws could cost you your car. scofflaws, $14 million in unpaid tolls total for the eight bridges operated by the trant porttation -- transportation agency. violators would have to pay their tolls in order to get their cars back. >> they are serious about that. >> yes. quite an incentive. speaking of the toll plaza, sal, are they having fun out there? >> dave, i don't know. maybe they are having fun. it's crowded. they are waiting in line. traffic -- people can have fun anywhere. there's probably some dude right there rockin' out to zeppelin, man. the rest of us are driving into san francisco. it's about a 15-minute delay. one version of "dazed and
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confused." traffic at the 101, looks pretty good. the giants' games will be evening games for the next few nights at at&t park. it will be pretty crowded coming in and liening. lien -- coming in and leaving, but mostly coming in. traffic is moving along pretty nice. on highway 29 already seeing some traffic between upper skyline and interstate 280. filling in for steve, it's rosemary. a live look, san jose. we're dealing with mid and high level clouds this morning. some of us seeing a bit of sunshine. but it's that filtered sunshine we get with the high clouds. take a look at how widespread it is. this all stemming from the system the north of us. light breezes. a few low clouds out there with this onshore push as well. this is the system here that will continue to wash out as it
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moves closer to our coastline. may see just a sprinkle. the north bay will get it by the second half of the morning and then right along the san francisco bay by about noontime. we won't see a lot of rain. but we could see some wind. winds begin -- begin to pick up around san francisco, napa, anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour for the second half of the afternoon. closer to the coast we could see the gusts increasing to 0 miles an an -- increasing to 30 miles an hour. by about 8:00 in the evening, the winds begin to die down. so partly cloudy skies expected for the afternoon. maybe a sprinkle but the breeze is what most of us may notice. this morning, 50 degrees san francisco, 48 in oakland and 44 right now in napa with all of that cloud cover overhead. 60 expected for berkeley. these temperatures, cooler than yesterday. again, that weak little system will bring a blip to the area.
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59 for hayward. below average in fremont. 62 expected, 2 in san jose. your extended forecast, we've got another shot at getting wet. the better opportunity comes tomorrow. 64 expected in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. and then we cool a bit on wednesday. mostly cloudy, some of us gonna get wet on wednesday. partly cloudy as we get back to the 60s on thursday. and then we warm in the 70s. do you have weekend plans? 72 on saturday, mostly sunny on sunday with 73 in the forecast. 7:11. in just about 90 minutes, jury deliberations resume in the barry bonds's perjury trial. the jury will begin their day with a readback of kathy hoskins 'testimony -- kathy hoskins's testimony. she testified that she saw bonds getting injected in the
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stomach. we'll have more on this at 7:30. you can get updates at any time by going to click on the "bonds's trial" tab. budget details revealed today. we'll find out exactly what cuts were made to reach that last-minute spending bill that prevented the shutdown. is airport security working? we have new information about the government's success rate about keeping the terrorists off planes bound for the u.s. and why officials at the masters had to apologize to a female reporter.
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going to -- good morning to you. it's cool and brisk.
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police in new york are searching for more possible victims of a suspected serial killer. they've discovered eight bodies along a beach and four of them have been identified as prostitutes. investigators are checking their credit card information. stricter security changes were introduced in 2009 for the airport security following a christmas day bombing attack on a flight to detroit. now, before a flight departs, the government checks the watch list. more than 350 suspected terrorists have reportedly been blocked from u.s.-bound commercial flights since 2009. 7:15. new information comes today about that budget compromise that prevented a government shutdown. alison burns reports from our
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washington, d.c. newsroom about what's in the $30 billion in spending cuts that sealed the deal. alison? >> reporter: dave, in order to keep the government running, the democrats agreed to republican demands to cut nearly $40 billion in spending from federal programs. today we find out what those cuts are. even as president obama praised the deal as he -- praised -- praised the deal. democrats emphasized what he this were able to save in the fight. >> we're trying to make sure we don't go too far. so we fought to make sure that we protected early childhood education, pell grants for lids from low-income familys who want to go to college, medical research grants. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on this. some from the bay area are furious saying the cuts go too
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far. republicans want much more -- wanted much more. president obama is expected to detail his plan to reduce the federal deficit in a major speech on wednesday. it reportedly includes tax increases on the wealthy. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 7:16. well, vallejo city officials go back to federal bankruptcy court today. they are gonna meet with a judge today and again on april 25th. trying to reach an agreement to get out of bankruptcy. vallejo declared chapter 9 bankruptcy almost three years ago. they've since laid off police and other city employees. the city of virginia is asking the -- of vallejo is asking creditors to be paid less than what they are owed. after more than a year of lobbying efforts, the petal office plans to close down the
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sacramento street -- the postal office plans to close down the sacramento street pet office. that will help save some money. but many elderly residents say it will be a huge inconvenience for them. the nearest coast office is about two miles away on san pablo. charle schwartzie has a green jacket this morning. but a reporter was denied entry to the locker room after the match. the reporter says a female guard stopped her from going in with the other female reporters. the augusta national club does not allow female members but they do have an equal policy when it comes to locker rooms. the board of supervisors is holding a hearing about the
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golden gate national recreation area's plan to limit dogs in some areas. city officials hope to influence the park position's, though. officials say a sewer pipe ruptured on friday on marg marg ga receipt avenue -- mar ga receipt avenue. ga-- margarete. 7:19. in japan today, it's been one month since that 9.0 earthquake in tsunami that killed thousands of people. meantime, the workers keep digging through this debris left behind. among the attention they are finding. hundreds of metal safes swept out of homes and businesses.
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now, they are storing those safes in the parking garage at police headquarters trying to find the proper owners. in japan, many elderly people still feel more comfortable keeping their cash at home. so in a lot of cases what's in the safe can be a family's life savings. japan has been working -- has been marking the one month quake with these somber ceremonies. there was also a moment of silence early in the morning. there is a prayer vigil to remember the victimsed a -- victims and survivors. it is 7:20. busted on a field trip. what dozens of local students were caught doing that's ended in three-day suspensions. also, it's one last prenuptial appearance. royal duties take on varied significance today forebrains william and his fiancee. things are getting bussier
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on the -- busier in the east bay.
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dozen -- dozens of students have been suspended from a school after officials found out alcohol and drugs were used during a field trip to oregon. the district is also looking into why one of the five teacher chaperons was reportedly -- chaperones was reportedly absence. prince william and kate middleton plan to make one more appearance before their wedding. they will visit a park to sign off on the order to protect the
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area from development. 7:23. more people are using golden gate buses and ferries to get around. golden gate bridge district officials tell the marin "independent journal" that high gasoline prices could be a reason for a small boost in ridership. there could also be a sign of -- that could also be a sign of an improving job market. total bus ridership, up by .10. in east contra costa county, tridelta transit is offering free transit to bus riders. this is part of a challenge to get more people to use the bus as part of their commute. if you sign up, you will receive four one-way passes and be asked to do this for a month. the deadline is april 18th to sign up. at the end, one new rider will walk away with an apple ipod. >> that's pretty cool. nice incentive. let's check in with sal who
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is keeping an eye on the toll plaza. but you say it can be busy there this weekend. >> that's right. we have three night games. this traffic here may also be here later as people try to get in for series. right now, traffic is backed up for with a 15-minute delay. sometimes when the as play big games, the same thing goes, we'll keep an eye on that for you. right new in front of the coliseum, the traffic is moving along nicely. no problems here as you drive northbound and southbound near the coliseum and oakland exit. 101 has been super nice this morning so far. if you are driving in the south bay, we've only had a little bit of slow traffic here and there on 17 approaching 85 and then on 85 getting up into the mountain view area. 7:25. here's rosemary. good morning.
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walnut creek this morning, we have clouds fitterring in, just ahead of a weak system that will bring us a slight chance for rain in the afternoon. a better chance at breezy conditions. and that will shave our -- shave our temperatures. for the afternoon, we'll be partly cloudy. 15 to 20 miles an hour, her expecting wind force the second half -- we're expecting winds for the second half of the evening. mid-50s along the coast. low os for the lun -- low 60s for the lunch hour -- lunch hour. a slight chance for the rain today. we're try tomorrow. a better chance comes on wednesday. our temperatures will be the coolest on wednesday. thursday/friday -- friday, we begin to slide. 7:26. a student alert at stanford. the weekend attack is raising very serious safety concerns on
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campus. the jury in the barry bonds's per trial plans to take a second look at what one key witness had to say in the trial. also, pg&e face as multi- million dollar fine today and why critics feel that pg&e is getting off early.
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welcome back. in one hour, jury deliberations resume in the barry bonds's perjury trial after a break over the weekend. ktvu's allie rasmus tell -- tells us about the second hearing -- about the testimony that will get a second hearing this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we don't know if barry bonds will be here. jury deliberation, as you will recall, is completely private. however, bonds did show up on friday twice for first day of deliberations when the jury came out to ask a question. today, the jury plans to take a closer look at the testimony of a key witness in this trial, kathy hoskins. she was bonds's personal shopper and during the trial, hee said she saw greg anderson inject bonds in the stomach. the jury has asked to have hoskins testimony read back to them this morning again as they
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deliberate. the jury will ultimately decide whether bonds lied to a grand jury back in 2003 when he said he never knowingly used steroids. he's accused of making false statements, one count of obstruction of justice. deliberations are expected to go get going at 8:30 this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. you can get updates on the barry bonds's trial by going to our channel 2 website, just look for the "bonds's trial" tab. the murder trial of oakland journalist chauncey billups continues today. broussard will be on the stand and defense is expected to don't cross-examination. broussard testified that he was
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ordered to kill chauncey bailey because of a story he was writing about the bakery. the second defendant on the trial, anton mackey, is accused of being the get-away driveway. josh richmond said someone called him last week and said "if you write that story, you are gonna end up like your friend chauncey." richmond said he was working on -- working on a story about an alleged real estate scam involving the now defunct bakery. san francisco police are searching for 89-year-old fan. this is her. she has brown eyes, gray hair. she needs medication. if you see her call san francisco police right away.
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a hiker who fell off a cliff in marin county is recovering from back injuries this morning. the 31-year-old man fell 20 feet off a rocky cliff about mid dey yesterday at point -- midday yesterday at about -- in the afternoon. he was airlifted to the hospital. his injuries are described as moderate. we're also getting new details about the the boating accident off the -- over the weekend. a 52-year-old san san -- san anselmo man disappeared. the coast guard called off the search yesterday saying you just can't survive off a boat this long. a second han who was treated with him was treated for
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hypothermia. an attack happened saturday night inside a low-rise apartment complex. officials say the man broke in and tried to sexually assault a student. when the student screamed the man ran away off the campus. the names of two nevada teenagers who died in a cubing diving accident, their names are expected to be released today. after a 4-minute search the young -- the 45-minute search the young men were found but died at the hospital.
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autopsies are scheduled to be today. the accident on the 280 yesterday, the chp says that after the man was hit by the toyota corolla, the driver got out and ran away. southbound 80 was shut down for two and a half hours during the investigation. authorities have not released the victim's identity. a concord man is recovering from injuries after confronting vandals outside of his hoe. it all started friday night on cal road near battle lane. police say three men were smashing mailboxes. that's when a homeowner con fronted the men before chasing him away with his suv. police say one of the vandals jumped on the suv's hood. 7:35. security at at&t park tonight will be extremely tight on par with world series game. this is the help -- this is to
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help prevent any retaliatory reports after the beating of brian stow. he's the giants' fan who was attacked at the season opener march 31. stow is still in the hospital recovering from a skull fracture. the team will collect donations to help cover his medical expenses. jade hernandez is live at the park. she will have more coming up at:00. former giant now dodger, one uribe, is being sued by a san francisco landlord. the landlord said she leased a condo to him right near at&t park. she said he had a midnight fish friday that ended with a grease fire and she said it cost $145,000 in damage. she said uribe agreed to take care of it but never did. well, monta ellis will miss
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the game tonight against denver. he's still recovering from this injury. watch this. it happened last night during the loss to the sacramento kings. he fell head first, hit the floor while trying to make that layoff. he was taken to the -- layup. he was taken to the hospital. 7:34. the dublin planning commission may face a contentious crowd tomorrow night over aby board. this is to erect a 450-square foot brightly lit billboard at their dealership. opponents say it will be the size of a semitruck and will lead to sim similar signs at ole dealership -- lead to similar signs at all dealerships. "the examiner" reports that
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crime is down 26% so far this year, police credit seven undercover cops with helping to reduce the number of robberies. they also say resources are being better deployed with problems. sal, still problems around the toll plaza, right? >> that's right. i wouldn't say if there are problems but it will be slow. some people do consider that a problem. if you are driving into san francisco, you will have to wait for a while getting into the city, although we do see some improvement. if you look at the left, that ramp coming down from 880 is -- is not all that bad. we might see some improvement getting into the 8:00 a.m. hour. looking at 880 and also san francisco, the freeways leading to the bay bridge, northbound 101 traffic looks okay companying into the 80 split. 101 san francisco for the next three evening will be likely crowded getting up to the downtown area and also on the 280 extension near the ballpark.
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if you're driving in the south bay, now it's beginning to get filled in. 280 so approaching. there's kind a long line of traffic on 85. let's go to rosemary. some of us dealing with filtered sunshine. some of us dealing with the mid and lower clouds and gray conditions. in any case, it's widespread this morning. we're watching the clouds roll on through, that ahead of an uneventful storm. we'll show you that in just a moment. calm redwood city, a northerly breeze. around palo alto this morning, onshore a few low clouds along the coast but not widespread cue to -- due to all of those high clouds. napa 6 miles an hour and calm in santa rosa. let's back this up. show -- let's show you the
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storm. we're still looking at a few scattered showers over eureka, sliding its way alightning the coast. it will fall apart as it continues to migrate. by the afternoon, areas right around santa rosa down to about the golden gate bridge were already beginning to clear out. there's the front there. you don't see much rain within those clouds, do you, by the afternoon evening hours? we're looking at 30 along the coast, it will be brisk in some areas. 45 degrees right now in santa rosa. 51 for oakland, mid- to upper 40s redwood city down into san jose. 63 expected for the afternoon for vallejo. 60 in redwood city. 62 in san jose. in most cases slightly below average for this time of year. the extended forecast, as we roll true the next five days we'll get another opportunity
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of some scattered showers on wednesday. tuesday's gonna be dry. we warm up just a tad only to see temperatures fall again. by the second half of the business week improving conditions with a great weekend in store. 20 minutes now before 8:00. this morning the state public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on a proposal to fine pg&e $3 million. the agency says the fine is a penalty for failing to turn over critical safety recordsfulling last september's pipeline disaster in san bruno. at one point the state had considered a much higher fine of $1 million for every day past the deadline. pg&e is working to install remote-controlled shutoff valves on the national shutoff -- national gas lines automatic
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lines. now two new remote -- remote remote-vole -- controlled valves are in place. later this morning we'll learn the lineup for this year's outdoor festival. ♪ >> the three-day event will be held between august 12th and 14th in san francisco's golden gate park. ticket information will also be announced at 9:00 this morning. it's the fourth year for the festival. previous headliners have included radio head, jack johnson and dave matthews band. soaring gas prices and why experts have good news about prices at the pump.
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numbers are mixed right now on wall street. alcoa willic -- will kick off earning reports. memorial grow it may show there was a 15% growth. certainly good news for investors. right now, the dow is up 46 at 12,426. nasdaq is down about 2. s&p is up 2. you crew oil prices dropped below average. oil prices have soared about 3%
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since february and analysts say that's really artificially high. that's translating to high prices at pump. right now, the most expensive gas in the nation is in san francisco, 4.25 a gallon. this is new video shot in san mateo. >> the national average price for gas is 3.6, according to the latest lundberg survey. that's 19 cents higher than three weeks ago. the cheapest gas in the country is in tucson, arizona at 3.41 a gallon. 7:46. well, today in japan a 6.6 aftershock really shook the country and rattledded a lot of nerves. exactly one -- rattled a lot of nerves, exactly one month from the day of tsunami and quake hit. reporter kyung lah is live with how japan is marking this day. >> reporter: well, dave, it was
7:47 am
at 2:46 local time here in japan that the earthquake first struck. what we saw from the tsunami shown, the people were still in those evacuation centers all the way down here to tokyo in numerous temples and office building. people paused. they stopped working. they stopped whatever they were doing and took a moment and bowed their heads and prayed to remember those who died in the tsunami and earthquake. and they remain -- you know, they are still displaced. they still don't have a road map or plan in the tsunami zone. for the area right near the fukushima nuclear plant, that area still remains evacuated. this was a moment for this entire country to reflect and to remember and to pause. unfortunately, that moment was quickly just showers later than rocked by some massive aftershocks in this area. the entire country felt it,
7:48 am
just near the fukushima dai- ichi plant, that's where there was an evacuation. power was lost. there's a lot of concern about what's happening at that nuclear facility. all of that did come back. on a day when japan wanted to remember, it was a very short respite because they, again, had to deal with the nuclear crisis and the aftershock. >> key young, you -- keung, you are there. what are people saying about the irony of this? you are there. there's another aftershock. what's the impact on you? you are there. >> reporter: well, the truth of the matter is, is that aftershocks now are almost a daily deal. you don't go -- you don't go a few hours without feeling some sort of aftershock and and the
7:49 am
reality of it is over the next year, seismologists say that aftershocks that will measure in the magnitude 7 range will be the daily norm here. so it's something that people are just dealing with it. there are approximately 300 earthquakes very small ones that japan goes through every single month. that's now elevated to about00 to 1,000 earthquakes every month and that pattern is expected to continue for the next year. it's very uneasy and disconcerting. at the hoff -- a lot of my friends who have left don't want to come back. it's a -- at the same time, many people who have tried to say because they do love japan. >> fascinating. our reporter, kyung lah, reporting live from japan. thank you. an iowa town is trying to pick up the pieces this morning after a tornado tore through. >> estimate of 06% of the town destroyed. i think that's an accurate
7:50 am
estimate. it can't be overstated how bad this damage is. >> the tornado hit mapleton saturday night, it tossed cars, uprooted trees, about 100 homes were destroyed. amazingly, only a few people were hurt. the tornado was measured as an e-43. forecasters say the tornado was on the ground for three and a half miles. more than 400 national guard members are standing by this morning near fargo, north dakota to help the potential evacuations, this of at the red river crested 60 miles of road are closed in the area and another ten miles are washed over. officials are warning those who live in fargo not to drive out of the city. firefighters in texas hoping for better weather today to help them fight several wildfires. 400 square miles have burned.
7:51 am
dozens of areas destroyed. two dozen states have actually sent in firefighters to help out texas. investigators suspect one fire was caused by a kitting torch slicing through a pipe. the book of jobs will go on sale next month. it was written by a former type eck ecktive at "time -- exective at" time "magazine. there have been many other steve jobs' biography written before but not without his position. how one bay area city responds to three pedestrian deaths in four days.
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time now, 7:54. a delegation of african leaders meeting right now with rebel leaders in libya after getting support from moammar gadhafi to try to end the conflict in libya. the presidents of five african nations met with colonel gadhafi. the african union wants an immediate cease-fire. china is accusing the u.s. of having double standards about equal rights. the report is in response to the state department's annual
7:55 am
assessment of human rights around the world. well, there's a new report out that says military spending worldwide went up last year to a record 1.6 trillion. the report prepared by the stockholm international peace research says, the u.s. far outspends any other country at $698 billion. the u.s. spent almost six times as much as china, the second biggest spender, followed by britain, france and russia. park rangers are using a form of birth control on the geese to make hem prevent from laying more eggs. rangers say the geese would populate and their dropping
7:56 am
would threaten quarter -- water quality. last month, three people died walking the streets of san francisco in a four-day period. more than 800 people are hit by cars in the city every year. that makes san francisco one of the most dangerous cities in the nation for pedestrians. >> wow. 7:55. hey, sal, what's hanking on highway 24? >> well, it's getting busy. this is the commute where traffic is gonna be busy here and also busy on interstate 80 getting up to the tunnel although as i look at the list from the chp, not a lot of crashes on the way. but there is some slow traffic. also a new crash reported in fremont, northbound 880 just after mowry avenue. that one just coming in. two vehicles in slow lane reported there. moving along to the tacoma, of course, we still see a backup, all she it's getting better -- to the toll plaza, of course,
7:57 am
we still see a backup, although it's getting better. 280, right through downtown looks good. 7:5. let's go to rosemary. >> notable changes today. over northern california at this time, the shower will pass through our area for the afternoon. morning clouds. partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. we'll be cool and breezy. so bring along that jacket. as far as rain, maybe a sprinkle. not much. we're dry tomorrow. another shot of rain moves in on wednesday. overnight news from japan, another powerful aftershock exactly one month after the disastrous quake and tsunami. also, water problems in the east bay overnight. dozens of families still without water service. >> reporter: and giants and
7:58 am
dodgers' fans will see increased security at at&t park. hear from san francisco police -- coming up.
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well, good morning. welcome back at 8:00. well, world series level security measures will be in place for tonight's dodgers/giants' game tonight at at&t park. in fact, a short time ago, ktvu's jade hernandez spoke with san francisco police and is back with us to tell us what they are saying about what's happening -- to tell us what they are saying about what's happening tonight. jade? >> reporter: make no mistake there had be security tonight. here's what the sergeant had to say at the hall of justice this morning. >> we hope people are there to have a good time and enjoy the game. again there will be a visible presence of police on the inside or outside. we don't expect any problems. >> reporter: the game doesn't start until 7:15 tonight. but we already saw security walking around this morning,
8:01 am
monitoring dropoffs. san francisco police wouldn't say how many police they committed. but the bp of ballpark operations suggested it would be 30%, 40% than normal. brian stow, a san jose paramedic, remains in a medically-induced coma. $300,000 has been already -- has already been raised for stow family and the giants will dedicate today's game to the father of two. the two suspects in stow's beating are still at large. a $150,000 reward are being circulated around the incident. the posting on craigslist about a repeat incident has been removed from the site.
8:02 am
if fans are worried about security around them, 4 can text them. there's always been a zero- tolerance here at the ballpark against public intoxication. police say they don't set the rules. they are just trying to enforce them so everyone has a good time at the ballgame. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. and while the dodgers are in san francisco for tonight's game, the l.a. team is holding their own fund- raiser in los angeles to help brian stow. they are asking people to to go to dodger stadium today, donate cash and checks to the trust fund. another fund-raiser for stow happening tonight is at the el palomar restaurant. there will be food, raffles -- a raffle and a silent raffle. 8:02. overnight in berkeley. 30 homes lost water service
8:03 am
after a water main broke. east bay m.u.d. said a pipe burst on shaddock near angels avenue. residents tell us they woke up after hearing the gushing sound of water near their home. it took about an hour before the crews were able to shut off the hour. one person is in custody this morning after a deadly stabbing outside a burger king, near clayton road last night. it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon an that's when police found the unidentified 19-year-old stabbing victim. he -- he later died at the hospital. 8:0. well, japan was able to -- was hit with a 6 po 6 aftershock -- 6.6 aftershock today. take a look at some new video
8:04 am
of the aftershock. this is an evacuation center. look around. look at some of the faces, the reactions after that aftershock. it's incredible. now, a tsunami warning was issued for today's aftershock but then it was cancelled. the 6.6 quake hit in the same japan area that's seen hundred had dreads of aftershocks -- hundred of aftershocks. and the japanese government is expanding the area to be evacuated near the radiation plant that's been leaking, residents living within 12 miles of the plant have already been told to leave because of worries about radiation. now the government is telling residents of four more communities. some more than 20 miles away from the -- away from -- away from the plant. happening right now in oakland, hundreds of people are lining up to see a doctor, a dentist and other healthcare
8:05 am
professionals. it's you a part of a free event being hosted at the coliseum. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the compassion and relief, a foundation full of people helping. they are triaging people, so they can get dental x-rays. many of these people were here at 3:30 this morning in order to receive free, medical, dental services that they haven't had in years. the services one woman drove from stockton to get. >> my job, i get dental but i don't have any health or vision. i need glasses. >> reporter: healthcare is not affordable for a number of our growing -- our growing neighbors. volunteers are making a
8:06 am
difference. medical professionals and even suits are here to provide students for free. an ironic twist considering medical costs are problem -- mel costs are part of the problem. >> do you feel like there is a problem because these people can't afford services and have to come here. why not lower your price? >> it's really expensive to become a dentist. i have student loans, i have rent and i have to eat it's tough. it's a hard balance between helping people and also having a living for yourself. >> reporter: medical specialists are providing services today that would cost tens of thousands of drivers. the founder of r.a.m. is from great britain, where many shoulder an unaffordable burden for millions of people in the country. this event lasts one more day. they expect to treat on average, 1,000 people a day for
8:07 am
the four-day event. reporting live from oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. her expecting to get -- we're expecting to get new details today about the meeting that avoided the budget shutdown. stay tuned. people who avoid paying their bridge tolls may wind up out without a car. traffic scofflaws owe the local toll agency $14 million in unpaid bridge tolls. that's for seven of the eight bridges, operated by the metropolitan transportation agency. and a southern california lawmakers introduced legislation that would allow authorities to impound a toll evader's car after just two violations. violators would have to pay their debt to get their cars
8:08 am
back. sal actually has goo news about the -- has some good news about the commute. >> yes, i do. westbound traffic has improved here at the toll plaza from about the middle of the parking lot. it's about a five-minute delay. again, we want to warn you that for the next three evenings, there will be three baseball games at at&t park. that means a lot of people coming down there plan ahead and take transit if you are going to the game or not, if you happen to work in the area. the other day was 70 -- was $25 to park your car. northbound 101 approach eck the 80 split. that traffic is okay. there -- there are no major problems coming up to downtown. the heaviest traffic is on 280 -- on 280 is improving. here's rosemary. good morning, we have the high clouds and the high
8:09 am
cloudiness stretching across the area the most of us peak waking up with this filtered -- are waking up with this filtered breeze. san francisco a northwest westerly breeze -- a northwesterly breeze. 48 in san jose. concord, upper 40s, low 50s. san francisco/oakland, checking in in the low 50s. 52 for oakland and a cool start around air the area of napa, 47. we continue to watch this system over northern california. just a little bit of rain. eureka, crescent city, it's going to continue a southerly track. so by the afternoon, the possibility of maybe a sprinkle. the satellite and radar showing you all of that cloud cover. we won't see a big issue with the rain but it will turn breezy.
8:10 am
a.m. clouds is what we're dealing with. upper 50s for the coastline. 59 san mateo. your week ahead, we've got a mix of sorts. we've got just a slight chance coming today and then mostly sunny for tomorrow. we'll be dry -- dry, mild. come midweek wednesday. scattered showers in the forecast, 59 for the afternoon. and then once we get -- one were -- once we get past the midweek we're looking good. 68, mostly sunny skies. partly to mostly clear conditions for your weekend. temperatures warming above average. 72 expected on saturday. in san jose, there's a new coalition of medical marijuana groups. 125 medical marijuana businesses operate in san jose and members of the new silicon
8:11 am
valley group hope they can end confusion about the suggested regulations. that includes tomorrow's city council meet 0 -- meeting to talk about a long-awaited ordinance. san francisco supervisors will decide on a rule change that could determine mayor ed lee's future. he agreed to fill the rest the gavin newsom's position if he could return to his job. the scheduled is -- the committee is scheduled to vote on a people that would exempt people as mayor and not elected. the "press democrat" reported
8:12 am
that robert coleman died on saturday after suffering a tear in his aroar ta. he was 70 -- aorta. he was 70 years old. he leaves behind a wife and four sons. a memorial service has not been announced. 8:11. m just about 30 minutes from now -- in just about 30 minutes from now, deliberations resume in thed abouts's perjury trial. the jury will begin with a readback of hoskins's testimony. you can get updates on the barry bonds's trial at any time by going to click on the bonds's trial tab. it is 8:12. two intro duders -- intruders
8:13 am
on the campus two weeks apart. what we -- what we know about these and if they are tied to the same person. and the buzz is getting louder across california. what bees are saying about a threat to the industry.
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. 51 in san francisco.
8:16 am
winds are kicking up in the afternoon. it is 8:15. this morning, police at stanford are looking for a man who they say sexually assaulted a student over the weekend. maureen naylor is live in our newsroom with the limited clues left behind. >> good morning. some students say they are changing their habits after the attack which happened saturday at the escondido village on the stanford campus. police say a man entered an apartment on comstock circle around 9:30 on saturday night. they say he sexually assaulted a graduate student then ran off when she screamed. campus police sent out an alert to students. the description of the man is vague. he's said to be 5'6" in his 30s with a dark complexion. students say it's the second safety warning to go out in two weeks. >> there was another alert that was sent out. >> not very many details. but just something that was alarming. >> that second incident solve
8:17 am
-- involved a lighter-skinned man trying to get through a different apartment building through a window and is believed to be unrelated to saturday's assault. one student said she's taking extra precautions. i chosed -- i closed the windows, make sure the door is lock. we never know if this is just one incident -- or what the problem is. >> because campus crime is so rare, there are no cameras to help in the investigation. and at this hour, no one's been caught. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you, maureen. it's 8:17. california beekeepers say honey bees seem to be making a comeback. >> , a mysterious epidemic wiped out colonies hitting a 23 - -- a come back, a mysterious epidemic wiped out colonies
8:18 am
hitting a 23-year year low -- 23 year low. 8:17. new details this morning about the u.s. government's effort to spot terror suspects at airports. now, security was tightened and the government is checking passengers against a watch list. it includes al qaeda and people who attended training camps. more than 450 terrorists have already been blocked from u.s.- bound commercial flights since 2009. today in france, a new law takes effect, making it illegal to wear full-faced veils or burkas in public. already today, several women protested this new law they appeared with their veils in front of paris's notre notre
8:19 am
dame casino. two of the women were detabe. critics call it discriminatory, while supporters say it's a matter of public safety. 8:18. just days after a -- after averting a government shutdown, president obama is picking another budget fight with republicans. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, he will announce his plan this week to reduce the federal deficit. >> reporter: tori, it's going to get a little confusing this week. first, congress needs to wrap up the dramatic battle over this year's budget. the house and senate are expected to vote midweek on the compromise deal that alerted a compromise -- a shutdown. we'll learn what's included in the nearly $40 billion in spending cuts that democrats -- in spending cuts that democrats reluctantly agreed to.
8:20 am
>> for the last two months we've had to bring this president to the table kicking and screaming. then they are gonna present a plan on how to address the fiscal situation and right away they are looking at us raising taxes again. >> the president is going to announce his plan in a major speech on saturday. it's being called his most significant response yet to deal withing the -- response yet to dealing with the threat. >> 8:19. some new concerns about a new way for teenagers to buy booze. two bay area lawmakers have a sobering solution. plus, how much money is a -- plus -- how much money a man won in a tournament and how he plans to spend it. and westbound 237, heading out of milpitas. we have stop-and-go traffic. we'll give you another look at the bay area commute straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
two bay area lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to buy alcohol at self-service check outs -- checkouts. fiona ma says self-service checkouts have made it easy for minors to buy liquor.
8:24 am
8. a new study confirms a are the -- what a lot of bay area drivers already know. the worst commute in the bay area is in morning on weekend highway 4 between hillcrest and somersville road. the second worse commute is on highway 4, that's the afternoon drive, eastbound through pittsburgh. the san francisco freemont hospital area is ranked number sixth as the most con jensed -- congested in the country. >> i believe they are expanding highway, sal. >> sal -- expanding highway 4, sal. >> yeah, they are expanding it. it might be like on 580 where the widening just made that traffic go away, essentially. >> let's take a look at the bay area bridges. westbound bay bridge is light
8:25 am
now. san mateo, golan gate and san mateo -- traffic dos well -- traffic doing well. here's rosemaries. >> we started in low 40s to the mid-50s. san francisco with men i -- with plenty of gray skies. our temperatures will continue to climb. we're rolling back the afternoon highs. mid-50s along the coast for the afternoon. 60 degrees in san francisco tonight. tonight's game, 7:15 for the giants -- for giants and dodgers' gape. it will be a cool night. bring the -- game. it will be a cool night. bring the jacket. tomorrow, we'll be mild, some come wednesday, scattered showers in the forecast. for the weekend in time for the weekend, we're above average for this time of year.
8:26 am
today it will be mild for part of the day. 8:25. a san jose man hit the jackpot in las vegas but not playing the slot machines. he won $50,000 in an amateur bowling competition. now he's ready to spend his prize money. >> realistically, pay off all of the bills and my wife want as new pair of earrings. she see difficults that. >> he became the division-b champion in the a.m.f. national league tournament. more than 100 people took part in that competition. 8:26. a very gruesome discovery has triggered a massive homicide investigation. why police on the east coast fear a serial killer is on the loose. what's gonna happen with
8:27 am
monta ellis? he took that nasty fall in the game last night. what the doctors are saying about his injuries.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. :29. barry bonds just arrived --:29. barry bonds just arrived back in court. at any moment, jury deliberations will resume. allie rasmus is telling us about the testimony that is gonna get a second hearing this morning. what's going on? >> reporter: well, right now, the jury is back inside the federal jury for the second day of deliberations. barry bonds also came to the building about ten minutes ago. he's inside the courthouse along with his chief attorney.
8:30 am
the eight women and four men on the jury will decide whether he committed perjury when he told a jury back in 2003 he never knowingly took p performance enhancing drugs. kathy hoskins was bonds's personal shopper for several years and she told the jury that she actually saw greg anderson inject bonds in the stomach with what she believed to be steroids. the jury has asked to have the transcript of hoskins read back to them this morning as they continue to make their decision. the jury could find him guilty of some of the charges, all of them, or none at all but the -- but legal analysts say because of the intense media attention on this try, and you can see evidence of that out here. there are still photographers
8:31 am
and cameras. because of that media attention, legal analysts don't expect this to end with a hung jury. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. you can get updates on the bonds's trial at any time by going to look for the bonds's trial tab. 8:30. the murder trial of oakland journalist chauncey bailey continues today. confessed diller, broussard, will be on the -- killer, broussard, will be on the stand. he testified that former your black muslim bakery leader yusef bey iv ordered him to kill him because of a story he was writing about the bakery. the second defendant, anton mackey, is accused of he being the getaway driver. new this morning, san francisco police are looking for a missing elderly woman. 89 why thang vanished saturday night. she's 5'2" with brown eyes and
8:32 am
gray hair. police say she suffers from mental and medical disabilities and is in urgent need of her medication. they say she also hangs out at the financial. anyone who has seen her should contact san francisco police right away. a hiker who tumbled off a cliff in marin county is recovering from back injuries. the 31-year-old man fell 20 feet off a rocky cliff at point reyes national seashore. witnesses spotted the man on the beach. he was airlifted to santa rosa, memorial hospital with moderate injuries. we are learning new details about the boating accident off san francisco's ocean beach this weekend. the 52-year-old san anselmo man disappeared after the tugboat he was on capsized saturday afternoon. the coast guard called off the search for him yesterday because they say a person could not survive this long in cold
8:33 am
water. a 53-year-old man on the boat with him was pulled from the quarter -- from the water and treated for hypothermia and shock. the names of two nevada teenagers who died on a sub bau diving trip are expected to be released today -- scuba ditching trip are expected to be released today. the boys were found after a 45- minute search and later died at a hospital. autopsies are expected to be performed today. southern california police search org -- searching for a killer who killed a man at a taco bell drive-through. police say a 20-year-old man was waiting in his car when someone walked up and demanded his wallet. the man gave it to him. the man shot him. all of this happened as his girlfriend watched from the passenger seat. a concord man is recovering
8:34 am
from injuries after confronting vandals. police say three men were mash -- were smashing mailboxes. police say one of the vandals jumped on the hood of the suv before being thrown off. the two other men anyone attacked the homeowner before running away from the scene. security at at&t park tonight will be on par with the world series. it will be very tight. that's the help -- that's to help prevent retaliatory attacks after the beating of brian stow. he's the giants' fan from santa cruzing attacked at the season opener in los angeles on march 31st. he's still in the hospital recovering from a hospital -- recofferring from a skull fracture. the team will collect donations to help cover his med ka
8:35 am
expenses. former -- christine knauss ester rez said she leased a condo to juan uribe right near at&t park. last june she said you a uribe had a grease fire -- she said uribe had a grease fire that caused $150,000 in damages. she said he agreed to take care of it but never did. monta ellis will miss the game tonight against the nuggets. he fell head first on the floor while attempting a layoff -- layup. he was then taken to hospital for exams. a former olympic track star is running again. but this time it's for office. a new jersey democratic party official says carl lewis will announce his candidacy for state senate today. lewis fon four gold medals at the 1980 olympics in los
8:36 am
angeles and has become mown as an activist. pg&e is working to install remote-controlled shutoff valves on the national gas transmission lines on the peninsula. when the gas line exploded in san bruno last year, it took crews an hour 20 minutes to turn off the gas to that line. well, now two new remote- controlled scratches are in place at -- valves are in place at the center. they hope to have 12 of those up and running by the end of the year. in just about 30 minutes from now, we'll know the lineup for the outside lands music and
8:37 am
art festival. ♪ >> the three-day event will be held between august 12th and 1th. san francisco's golden gate park, ticket informs will be announced at 9:00 in morning. it's the fourth year for the festival. previous headliners have included radio head jack johnson and the dave mathews band. two santa cruz animal shelters say they have too many dogs and puppies. now they are hoping the public will step up and adopt them. the kens and yards are filled to capacity right now. dogs available for adoption include rottweiler mix puppies, chihuahuas, poodles, others. the shelters say with the warmer weather, problem will only get worse. >> a lot of people that will want then, too. we have a problem in san francisco. what just happened, sal? >> it's an injury crash at grove and masonic. this crash is blocking -- is
8:38 am
blocking one of the uniline. if you take the muni lines there or you are driving through the area, they've directed -- they've directed traffic away from the scene. i want to move the map down the peninsula on highway 92 at 35, there is a brand-new injury accident here. this is 92 and 5. it's an overturned big rig here. 92 at 35. watch out for very slow traffic. in fact, they have both lanes blocked in either direction. so i would assume void -- so i would avoid 29. some people might be stuck trying to get up through pacifica. so trouble for 9 and half moon bay and the other way around. bay bridge is light coming into san francisco. let's go to the south bay. the 237 traffic looks good.
8:39 am
here's rosemary. s a few light showers, down to point arena over the next hour or so. outside of that, we are just with the gray skies. our chance for rain is going to be minimal. take a look at the forecast here, as the system continues to migrate south and east over the course of the day. our models have a hard time
8:40 am
picking up any rain over our area. but by about noontime, 1:00, there's the front over the san francisco bay area and then it slides down to monterey. we'll be clearing north to south. so the first half of the day, by santa rosa, maybe noontime, partly cloudy skies and then partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for the south bay in through the second half of the afternoon. we are going to be cooler. we're going to be breezy. in fact, the gusts are expected to kick -- to pick up to 30 miles an hour right around the coast and hills. that's a plan for you. even if we don't get any measurable rain. 62 expected for concord this afternoon as well as freemont. upper 60s for the coast. the week ahead, we'll be mostly sunny, we do get a bit of a warmup tomorrow, and then we've got another storm in the forecast. tuesday, in between systems, scattered showers for wednesday. temperatures below average, sitting on the upper 50s for the afternoon. we will watch temperatures -- climb by the weekend.
8:41 am
friday, 6. saturday/sunday, above average for this time of year. >> thank you, rosemary. britain's health agency announced that gay men will soon be allowed to donate blood for the first time. and that reverses a ban that dates back several decades. however, there's one major restriction. only gay men who have not had sex with a man for the past ten years will be allowed to donate. those who are sexually active will be banned from giving blood. this week police in new york were searching for more possible victims of a serial killer. they've already discovered eight bodies along an isolated beach. investigators are checking their credit cards and phone numbers in order to track down the killer. 8:41. a very messy, expensive problem in fremont. we now have the who on what
8:42 am
park rangers may do about a growing population of geese and the droppings they leave behind. right now in los angeles, the fund-raiser for injured giants' fan brian stow is underway. we'll go live to dodgers' stadium for a look at this new show of support -- in new show of support.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:44. we have some breaking news to report out of bella ruse in eastern europe. an explosion ripped through a subway station. at least a dozen people have been injured. one reporter on the scene saw very serious injuries, including someone with a missing leg and head injuries. no one has claimed responsibility for this explosion that has occurred in the capital city of bella ruse. also, forces backing ivory coast's leader have arrested laurent gbagbo. his capture comes after a week of heavy fighting in the wet african nation and more than four months after he lost the presidential election. the power struggle began when he refused to accept the results of november's presidential election which
8:46 am
showed his political rival was actually the winner. your time is now 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. this morning's japan east coast was hit with a magnitude 6.6 aftershock. look at these pictures. it came one month to the day from that deadly 9.0 quake and tsunami in japan. there was no tsunami today following this morning's aftershock. in berkeley, 30 homes have no water service right now after a 6-inch pipe burst overnight. look at the water at the bo toll your screen. this happened on shaddock avenue near los angeles avenue. it may take several hours to fix. the african union says moammar gadhafi has agreed to their plan to end the conflict with the libya rebels including a cease-fire. now a localdy gation of african leaders is meeting with libyan rebels. and security will be very tight tonight as the giants host the dodgers at at&t park.
8:47 am
san francisco police say they their -- say their offices will be very visible, both inside and outside of the ballpark. earlier the bp of ballpark -- the vp of ballpark operations says security will be very, very tight. and happening right now in southern california. >> a fund-raiser is underway for the giants' fan beaten up outside dodgers' stadium. eric spillman joins us live from los angeles with more on this new show of support for brian stow. i'm curious. are dodger fans stepping up to help out? >> reporter: they really are, people feel disgusted, angry, sickened by what happened to brian stow. you see people dropping off donations here. all of these ambulances lined up here. this is the same ambulance company that brian works for, they are helping to sponsor this fund-raising drive which lasts until 3:00 here at dodger
8:48 am
stadium. and they are collecting donations from people coming in to drop them off. brian stow, of course, remains in critical condition at the hospital here. he has a severe skull fracture, probably has permanent brain damage, severely beaten here on opening day. his only crime, he snowed -- showed up wearing a giant' jersey. a couple of fans beat him. they still haven't been caught. there's $150,000 reward for his arrest now, dodgers' owner frank mccourt was criticized for not doing more to help brian and his family. this fund-raiser is partly in response to some of that criticism. let's come here and talk to veronica who showed up here. you heard about this. you just felt terrible about it. >> yeah, yeah. it's a very sad injustice that was done. he probably came to watch a
8:49 am
good game and this happened. >> you are a dodgers' fan? >> total dodgers' fan but this is not right what happened. >> reporter: thank you so much for talking with us. the fund-raising drive here continuing until this afternoon. it's a very important cause brian stow's medical expenses expected to be very, very high. recovering from a brain injury is very costly and it will take some time for him to get back. back to you. >> thank you. park rangers are taking steps to control the geese population after receiving complaints about their droppings. park rangers say they are adding eggs laid by geese of the process is actually addling process. and that process includes dipping the eggs in corn oil
8:50 am
and the eggs are returned to the nest and then the mothers won't lay anymore. >> their droppings are very large, tearing up our lawns, distracting some of the fishermen. >> rangers -- rangers say add 8ing eggs is -- addling eggs is time consuming. 8:49. the u.s. forest service defends a controversial logging plan. it's facing a new court battle. in a new interview with "the associated press" an agricultural department official says their plan will not hurt wildlife. in february, environmentalists filed a lawsuit claiming logging is hurting several person these around the lake and that includes a rare type of woodpecker. a drug company has good news today about an experiment
8:51 am
weight loss drug. the company says a study on 2500 patients shows that those who take keneko loss an average of 22 to 28 powns. the powns -- 2 to 28 pound. the companies are says that cholesterol and blood pressure levels inprime -- improved. firefighters in texas are hoping for better conditions today to help them fight several wildfires. 400 square miles have burned and homes are threatened. hot conditions are making it difficult for firefighters. investigators -- investigators suspect one fire was sparked by a cutting torch slicing through a pipe. >> investigation into a deadly explosion is growing in hawaii. five people were killed on friday after the blast at the former military bunker housing fireworks in waiapoa. police say they plan to
8:52 am
question officials operating this site about what the employees, and what they were doing before the blast. we have traffic problem. sal is following three problems. and a city hall panel respond to a very -- responds to a very bad month on the streets of san francisco.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we have a problem on the
8:55 am
peninsula heading out to half moon bay. an overturned gravel truck blocking the lanes there. burlingame, el camino real near broadway. police activity, a high-speed chase ended up with injuries there. it's a good area to avoid there. 8:54. the prize of -- price of crude oil fell below $112 a barrel but it's still near a 30-month high. analysts are hoping the prices will keep going down because of the peace talks in libya and because prices are now artificially high. oil prices shot up 33% since the middle of february and, of course, gasoline prices shot up, too. and with price -- and with gas prices, too, a new survey shows people are shut -- are you canning back on driving. gas prices have fallen five weeks in a row. at the oil price information service that provides information to aaa they are
8:56 am
also reporting lower sales at 70% of the major gas station chains. aaa says the national average is 3.77 but, of course, in california it averages 4.15. dozens of high school students at sir francis drake high school in san anselmo have been suspended for three days. the school district reportedly took disciplinary action after finding 28 students used alcohol and drugs during a three-day field trip at the shakespeare festival in oregon last month. there were 48 sophomores in all on the trip. the district are also looking into why one of the teacher chaperones were at -- was absent. thorning, leaders -- this morning, leaders will meet about pedestrian safety. last month three people died walking streets of san francisco in a four-day period. more than 800 people are hit by cars in the city every year. that makes san francisco one of
8:57 am
the most dangerous cities in the nation for pedestrians. well, pilot training may return to the napa county airport if supervisors approve a new lease agreement. the two-year deal will allow redwood city based international service to -- service to continue using the facility for the pilot program. the company known as iasko, it previously had a deal with japan airlines but japan airlines ended their operations at the end of the airport last month because they were going through bankruptcy proceedings. let's check in with sal. see how everything is going. you said there were some problems earlier. >> yes. westbound 92 we have an accident in san mateo county. overturned gravel truck almost blocking almost all of the lanes. then we have police activity near broadway and el camino real. apparently the end of a high- speed chase where a suspect getting away from police ran into a tree. we'll have it for you on the
8:58 am
noon news and perhaps earlier. the cloudy cool outside our door will bring today even a slight, slight chance for maybe a sprinkle. it's a low chance but it's going to be there. clouds for the morning hours. behind that front this afternoon, we will have breezy conditions and our temperatures will be slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday. 62 expected right around freemont for the an afternoon. 62, san jose upper 50s for the coast. we will be dry for tomorrow. another chance of rain, wednesday. but the good news, in time for the week, low 70s in the forecast. >> all right. sounds good. >> thanks for watching. >> buy now. bye now
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